News from Library and Archives Canada

Wondering what has been happening at LAC? Here is a summary of lay-offs and changes being circulated (in formally) in our community:

Number of LAC staff pre-WFA (Work Force Adjustments): 1065 laid off

Number of LAC staff post-WFA: 850 laid off

Cuts to archivists (all levels of HRs): cutting 20 positions, going from 57 to 37 (private archives, special media archives, reference, Resource Discovery).

Cuts to librarians (all LSs): cutting 23 positions, going from 49 to 26.

Cuts to various kinds of assistants (archival, librarian etc) with a total of 53 positions, going from 115 to 62

Which areas are being hard hit? The private archives division is being dismantled and distributed over three divisions; no non-governmental archives have been accepted since 2010; no new donations or accruals to existing collections for two years this January 2013.


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