End of ILL Services at the Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa

It is a sad day for many users of our national library. Please note the following announcement:

End of ILL Services
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) will end in December 2012. Users of LAC’s current services should note the following dates:
· November 13, 2012 : End of loan requests from international libraries.
· November 16, 2012: End of renewals. All items loaned after this date will be non-renewable.
· December 11, 2012 : End of loan requests, location searches, and ILL-related photocopying services.

LAC’s ILL listserv (CANRES-L) and Canadian Library Gateway also will be archived in December 2012.

LAC will continue to facilitate inter-library loan activities among other institutions through the ILL form in AMICUS, and through ongoing administration of Canadian Library Symbols.

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2 Responses to End of ILL Services at the Library and Archives of Canada in Ottawa

  1. It is a very sad news why is it like. I thought you might upgrade to international library services. You know how’s people love this service? I am one who was really appropriated these great job.

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