UTFA Meetings Called for Librarians: Focus Sessions Scheduled at St. George Campus

UTFA Membership Committee with members of the UTFA Executive have been meeting with faculty and librarians across our three campuses this term and will continue to do so in the new year. We are at a pivotal, historical moment in the history of our institution and urge all UTFA members to become informed and engaged so that you can voice your concerns and ideas on how UTFA can best represent your interests in the new round of negotiations to commence with the University of Toronto administration and UTFA to modernize the Memorandum of Agreement (see pdf copy). This was written in 1977/1978. Since then we have had ‘frozen policies’ which have not been modernized in this agreement. Primarily only article VI has been negotiated over the decades, with a few revisions to other areas.  This is a ‘key’ document for faculty and librarians at the University of Toronto. For librarians, it reinforces our position as academics at this institution. We ‘need’ to hear from you. If you are able, please do join us at one of these three meetings scheduled on the St. George campus:

Dec. 10, 3-4, Rm RT 157, Rotman School of Management, 105 St. George Street
Dec. 11, 11-12, Rm RT 157, Rotman School of Management, 105 St. George Street
Dec. 17, 10-11, Rm BL 114, Claude T. Bissell Bldg, 140St. George Street


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