CAPAL: Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians

Colleagues in our immediate community and in our larger, national context, have long felt there were gaps and issues not being addressed in the profession of academic librarianship. CLA, CAUT, OLA and other provincial library organizations in Canada have not focused on ‘academic librarianship’ nor have they focused on the ‘issues’ we face in our communities. It is time to support the initiative of those who have undertaken the task of forming an association to speak to academic librarian issues. We can’t just grumble and then, do nothing. The struggle for academic status for librarians at the University of Toronto is well known by most who have been members of this community in the last decades. Here is our opportunity to become affiliated with a professional association that seeks to create a national network of professionals establishing guidelines that address the core, academic values of libraries in teaching and research communities, training and education in profession and the promotion of scholarship as needed and defined by our profession.

CAPAL states firmly that this association is not to replace or duplicate the activities of the other library associations, but to augment and address the issues from an ‘academic librarians’ perspective’. We must remember that the mission statements of CLA and OLA all state they represent ‘all libraries’ not the profession of ‘academic librarianship’ nor even the profession of librarianship. There is a difference between a library and a profession dedicated to librarianship (e.g. Association of Canadian Archivists). Moreover, those who have joined the organizing group or steering committee have had long standing, professional experiences in the profession as well as being active in their faculty associations. They are aware of the issues facing the profession today.

Join CAPAL and show your support: 

Do you have questions? Do you want answers? If so, come to the open forum planned on January 31, 2013. See 

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