“Keep University of Toronto Back Campus Green”

Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/university-of-toronto-governing-council-keep-u-of-t-back-campus-green-2 

“In 2012, the University of Toronto approved a plan to replace grass with synthetic turf on its Back Campus Field.  The Back Campus is one of the original features of the University and a Cultural Heritage Landscape.  We believe that the Back Campus Plan will degrade the very fabric of the campus and destroy one of the most substantial green spaces in downtown Toronto.  The plan raises many social, health, and environmental concerns.  We call upon the University of Toronto to be a model for the next generation in the global environmental movement, not a backslider.” Faculty are concerned about the health and safety factors of using synthetic turf in this area of the campus. On Feb. 13, 2013 a presentation by faculty was made to the UTFA Council on this matter.

You can also find the petition and more information (soon) at our Facebook page: ‘Keep University of Toronto Back Campus Green’ (http://www.facebook.com/BackCampusGreen).

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One Response to “Keep University of Toronto Back Campus Green”

  1. bb says:

    Health and safety factors? Hmm, proposed field will be useable more of the time, plus for health via exercise. Proposed field will be flat, clean, easier to play on more safely without risking serious injury. Yes, health and safety factors say, build it. Is there a petition we can sign for that?

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