Librarians – Who Owns the Rights to Your Professional Creations? Do you know?

At the University of Toronto we have a Copyright Policy which today includes ‘librarians’. For the full policay see Did you know that:

“2.1 The University will own Copyright in all Works which are:

(a) created by an Author in the course of the Author’s employment by the University; or,

(b) specifically commissioned by the University under a written agreement in which the Author assigns Copyright in the Work to the University.”

But, if this has not been the arrangement, librarians note:

“For the purposes of this Policy, research and instruction, or the creation of instructional Works, including Instructional Software, undertaken by members of the University’s Teaching Staff or librarians shall not be deemed to be made or undertaken in the course of their employment by the University.”

But, what happens when an administrator claims to own the creative work of a librarian they supervise? Is it not in the tradition of this institution to give credit to scholarship and professional creative endeavours to those who create or conceive of the idea? The act of not giving credit to the creative works or ideas of those we supervise or those we work with at a post-secondary institution is called academic exploitation. In academic writing, it is called plagiarism.

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