Muzzling Librarians and Archivists – A Growing Trend in Canada

First you hear about academic librarians being sued for speaking publicly about  their professional views and now you hear how the Canadian Government is imposing a code of behavior that seeks to prevent librarians and archivists at the Library and Archives Canada from speaking up about their concerns. All Canadians are aware of the high regard our current government holds for Canadian Heritage by the way specialists’ and professionals have been laid off at LAC and now at the National Gallery of Canada. The latest in this ‘third world attitude’ is a Code of Conduct being imposed at LAC. Does silencing the librarians and archivists mean that Canadians will no longer be informed about what the government is doing? What more is in store for the LAC? What is the government planning? Is this why they have imposed a new code of conduct? LAC-Code Conduct-Values-and-Ethics

See the following editorials for more information:

The Association of Canadian Archivists have written this letter.

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