Sunday New York Times: Silencing Scientists [in Canada]

Wonder why faculty at UofT are demonstrating at Queen’s Park and why librarians and archivists are upset about the LAC developments? The New York Times has written that even under George W. Bush, when scientists were restrained on certain issues, nothing compares to what has been happening under  Stephen Harper in Canada.

See article in the Sunday New York Times, Sept. 21, 2013, :

“…It began badly enough in 2008 when scientists working for Environment Canada, the federal agency, were told to refer all queries to departmental communications officers. Now the government is doing all it can to monitor and restrict the flow of scientific information, especially concerning research into climate change, fisheries and anything to do with the Alberta tar sands — source of the diluted bitumen that would flow through the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. Journalists find themselves unable to reach government scientists; the scientists themselves have organized public protests…”   AND “…There was trouble of this kind here in the George W. Bush years, when scientists were asked to toe the party line on climate policy and endangered species. But nothing came close to what is being done in Canada....”

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