What happens to former Presidents of the University of Toronto?

David Naylor joins the Board of Directors for the Canadian Barrick Gold Corp., founded by Peter Munk, see the CBC report http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/barrick-gold-s-peter-munk-to-step-down-in-2014-1.2450583 

In recent years there has been considerable concern expressed by University of Toronto (UofT) faculty, librarians and students over the corporatization of the institution and  the impact of donors in the programming and research undertaken at UofT. The issue recently spear-headed with the contractual terms agreed upon by the University and Barrick Gold Corp. with the establishment of the Munk Centre.  Despite what has been publicly asserted, it is now clear that there has been a long-standing, strategic plan between senior administrators at UofT with Barrick Gold Corp.

Corporate agendas differ from environmental, academic pursuits and values, that is why many universities have addressed this issue with collective agreements that stipulate the limits of donors, and the collegial participation of faculty and librarians in the academic planning. There are also moral and ethical issues concerning the activities of this company, that is why, the Norwegian Pension fund and others have withdrawn investments in this corporation. To listen to some of the human rights issues concerning this company, hear Karen Wells, CBC, June 5, 2011, http://www.cbc.ca/thesundayedition/shows/2011/06/05/soccer-gold-woza/


“Review of the details shows that the Munk bequest for the School of Global Affairs was accepted with completely inadequate academic oversight, with the result that the trade-offs implicit in that acceptance were in turn never properly explored, and the resulting Memorandum of Agreement contains several protocols carrying grave threats to basic academic values, including academic freedom.”  For a list of further readings on this issue at UofT pertaining to the philanthropy see this site with references to several articles: http://cirhr.library.utoronto.ca/perry-work-report/february-11-2011#the-perils-of-philanthropy :

The Blue and White: The University of Toronto Magazine, February 2011: “The Perils of Philanthropy: The Case of the Munk School,” by Paul Hamel, John Valleau

“Get Peter Munk Out of UofT” http://munkoutofuoft.wordpress.com/

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