Association of the New Brunswick University Teachers (AUNBT) on Strike

As of January 13, 2014, the AUNBT, faculty and librarians were “on strike and have received a lock-out notice.” The core issue being cited is the continued lack of funding provided for ‘core programming’ despite the increased in enrollment, particularly hard hit has been the nursing program. Shared governance issues is a concern expressed by the faculty associationo.  The following action has been taken by the Administration at New Brunswick University in response to the assocations requests, see :

  • “the employer walked away from the side table charged with negotiating a strike protocol when we indicated that we would not agree to forcing our colleagues from the Faculty of Nursing to cross the picket line and that we would uphold our right to picket, including at the President’s mansion,…”
  • “the employer has persisted in its decision to shut off emails.”…”Email accounts with previously set forwarding addresses seem to have UNB emails come to those addresses without disruption.”
  • “We were trying to get answers on some of the implications of the suspension of classes. It appears that all face-to-face teaching of for credit courses has been suspended. All online courses that are co-taught by a CAE and a FT member have been suspended.”


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