Pressure from the community has had an impact. A new Code of Conduct has been issued by Library and Archives Canada. For a comparison, here is the old version LAC Code of Conduct Jan 2013   versus the new version issued in December 2013  2013-Dec LAC Code of Conduct a pdf version of the current posting on the government website.

Comment from Rose Barker, on CAUT librarians list notes (March 24, 2014):

“This new code represents a significant improvement. Employees are still encouraged to report on their colleagues for any failure to comply with the code, a shameful policy that contributes to an unhealthy workplace. However, restrictions on employees’ professional development activities have been substantially reduced and references to discipline for personal opinions expressed in limited access forums have been removed.

At a time when Canadian culture institutions are being decimated, it is easy to become overwhelmed and forget to celebrate our victories, however small. The changes to the LAC code of conduct were only made because we spoke out collectively, an example of how we can make a difference. Our current government may be attempting to rewrite the past, but together we are in control of the future.”


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