The Salaries of U of T Academic Librarians – Growing Inequities?

The University of Toronto Library system with 43 libraries and more than 13 million books ranks third, after the libraries at Harvard and Yale in North America (see ) in terms of size and scope – and yet, our librarians are under paid compared to colleagues at other Ontario and provincial universities. For the past 35 years, since the origins of the Robarts Research library in the early 1970s, academic librarians have been building Canada’s top research collection – a collection that has helped lay the foundation for what we believe constitutes a great research and teaching university. We know that researchers and faculty, at this university and at other institutes who consult our collections, recognize the benefits of having a great library. We also know that workloads have increased and continues to grow each year as our student enrollment increases. As academics with often several post-secondary degrees, U of T librarians deserve to be paid on par with their colleagues at other universities. And yet, no matter what perspective is adopted, the fact is that librarians at U of T are paid less than other colleagues at comparable Canadian universities, which is resulting in gaps that are gradually widening. Here are some examples (according to the CAUT Librarians Survey of 2011-2012):

1. Minimum starting salaries in our four ranks (Librarian I-IV, $55,600/$58,100/$75,100/$89,00) in 2011-2012 are lower than those at the Ontario universities of Trent ($69,035/$74,122/$84,297/$97,015), Guelph, Windsor ($51,384/62,449/$78,261/$99,607) and outside the province of Ontario; they are also lower than those at the universities of Alberta, Saskatchewan and others across Canada.

2. After 10 to 19 years, the median salary for U of T librarians is $94,789 while the median salary at other institutes are: Ryerson ($ 102,108), Queens ($110,465), Brock ($112,372), Carleton ($113,413), Windsor ($110,384), York ($116,676), Alberta ($113,408), Saskatchewan ($104,251) and the general median for academic librarians in Ontario across universities and colleges after 10 to 19 years of employment is $102,186.

3. After 20-29 years the differences in the median salary between academic librarians at U of T and at other universities increase. At U of T the median salary for librarians after 20-29 years  is $116,982 compared to Ryerson ($122,000), Trent ($140,042), Carleton ($138,536), York ($132,652) and outside the province of Ontario there are others examples that exceed the median salary of U of T. In Ontario universities and colleges the median salary after 20-29 years is $120,350.

4. At U of T the average salary for Lib I is $57,206: at Queens ($80,330), York ($99,284), Alberta ($79,708), BC ($86,652), Calgary ($74,211), Saskatchewan ($71,643).

5. At U of T the average salary for Lib II is $66,981 and at universities with 4 ranks the salaries are for Lib II: Queens ($81,842), Manitoba ($74,094), Saskatchewan ($89,493).

6. At U of T the average salary for Lib III (normal career path post permanent status) is $95,593, where as at other institutions the salaries are for the equivalent rank (Lib III at institutions with 4 levels or Lib II at institutions with 3 levels): Queens ($103,275), York ($123,404), Alberta ($119,961).

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