Policy on Academic Continuity at UofT – Growing Concerns – Possible Strike Feb. 27 CUPE 3902

Faculty, teaching assistants, sessionals, lab technicians, writing coaches are concerned over the Policy on Academic Continuity which sets unprecedented guidelines in teaching areas which have traditionally been the domain of the teaching faculty.

Media coverage regarding this issue, see article in Toronto Star : http://www.thestar.com/yourtoronto/education/2015/02/12/u-of-t-non-tenured-staff-poised-for-strike-feb-27.html :

““I hope there’s not a strike at U of T, but if there is, you can’t have the provost telling you what you can and cannot teach, and how to mark, and whether to replace a final essay (which could require teaching assistants to mark) with a multiple-choice evaluation (marked by a computer),” said Prudham [Scott Prudham, President, University of Toronto Faculty Association]” (Toronto Star, “U of T non-tenured staff poised for strike Feb. 27” Feb. 12, 2015)


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