Showingcasing UofT Librarians: Lynne Kutsukake – Novel Released (historical fiction and military history)

Lynne Kutsukake, before early retirement, academic librarian at Robarts Library, releases her first book, The Translation of Love. The publisher’s synopsis reads: “Born and raised in Vancouver, thirteen-year-old Aya Shimamura is released from a Canadian internment camp only to be repatriated to Japan with her father who was faced with an unsettling choice: Move east of the Rocky Mountains or go back to Japan. With no hope of restitution and grieving the loss of Aya’s mother during internment, her father feels there’s nothing left for them in Canada and signs a form that enables the government to deport him….”

9780385540674About the Author: She earned a master’s degree in East Asian Studies from the University of Toronto and studied Japanese literature in Japan, eventually becoming a librarian in Toronto. Her short fiction has appeared in Grain, Prairie Fire, The Dalhousie Review, The Windsor Review, and Ricepaper. She was a finalist for the Journey Prize in 2010. The Translation of Love is her first novel.

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