Why do Academic Librarians in Canada need secure, academic status?

The answer is simple, for one important reason, academic freedom. With academic status comes the protection of ‘academic freedom.’ Canadians do not have the First Amendment to fall back on nor the associated history of court cases that have testified that the First Amendment includes academic freedom as our American counterparts have. Our courts have yet determined if the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes academic freedom. This is one of the reasons why academic librarians in Canada need the same academic freedom protection as faculty. No variations in language or definitions, deleted segments,  or imposed restrictions in academic freedom clauses or else where in policies that might redefine academic freedom differently for librarians than faculty – but the same language, same scope and same protection. Independent, critical thinking and creative perspectives, which are not always in unison with administrative or institutional criteria or mandates, are core to providing the best options in the increasingly complex world of building of networks, resources and collections for research and teaching in academic communities for today and tomorrow. For these reasons, academic freedom is a core necessity and requirement for the profession of academic librarianship in Canada.


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