Formation of ACALP Group – Modernizing Policies for UofT Librarians

In the modernization process for up-dated appointment and promotion policies for UofT librarians, a call for volunteers to assist on an advisory committee went out to all UTFA librarians in December 2015. The ACALP  group was formed (Advisory Committee for Academic Librarian Policies). The ACALP group will take the lead in the coming months. The members of the ACALP group are:

1.Whitney Kemble, Librarian, UTSC
2.Victoria Skelton, Librarian, Industrial Relations
3.Marcel Fortin, Librarian, Robarts Library
4.Jeff Newman, Librarian, New College
5.Agatha Barc, Librarian, Pratt Library, Victoria College
6.Harriet Sonne de Torrens, Librarian, UTM
7.Stephanie Perpick, Librarian UTSC
8.Suzanne Meyers Sawa, Librarian, Music Library
9.Shelley Hawrychuk, Librarian, UTM
10.Dan D’Agostino, Librarian, CDD, Robarts
11.Heather Diggle (UTFA Legal Counsel)
12.Scott Prudham (UTFA President)
13.Michael Attridge (Chair, UTFA Appointments Cttee)
14.Jeff McKeil (Asst. Executive Director, CAUT)

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