Modernizing the Appointment and Promotion Policies for UofT Librarians – What has changed?

UTFA Librarians Committee and the ACALP group are working to modernize appointment and promotion policies for academic librarians at the University of Toronto. Thank you for responding to our last survey (Survey I) – it was most successful. We have a clear mandate from UT librarians to modernize our policies for appointment and promotion. How did we get here? What has changed?

Under the leadership of Prof. Scott Prudham, President of UTFA, our policies have been ‘unfrozen’ due to the new negotiating process, simply referred to here as the facilitator and Fact-Finder process, initiated and concluded by the SJAC negotiations. You will already have received numerous updates from the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA), for more detailed information see  and which provides graphic and textual explanations. Simply put, it means previous ‘frozen policies’ have been ‘unfrozen’ and negotiations can commence on dated policies.

When did all this begin? Back in 2006! We have engaged in many collegial discussions about the need for new policies for librarians (ours was written in 1978). There are many members of our community to thank, faculty and librarians, who have staunchly supported modernizing the policies. and worked hard to get to this point in the last 10 years.

Here is a brief list of what has transpired (what has not been listed are the numerous membership meetings the UTFA Librarians committee have invited members to attend in recent years to discuss the various developments):

2006-2009       UTFA asked CAUT to review Policies for Librarians (Rea Devakos, Jeff Newman)

2006-2010 UTFA Librarians Committee works on new policies – rewriting policies for librarians. UTFA Appointment Committee is briefed and involved.
2010 UTFA began systematic review of policies for librarians.
June 15, 2011 UTFA Council passes motion in support of academic librarians. Motion A.

UTFA AGM Newslettter 2011_Notes work on new policies for librarian policies.

July 2011 UTFA Librarians Committee prepares Guiding Principles (posted on UTLibrarians Blog)

January 17, 2013

UTFA AGM Newsletter 2012 notes work on new policies for UT librarians. See UTFA_AGM_2012 Newsletter

UTFA Executive passes motion in support of new appointment and promotion policies for librarians. Motion B.

2013 UTFA AGM Newsletter 2013 notes work on new policies for UT librarians, see UTFA_2013AGM Newsletter

UTFA Council passes motion in support of academic librarians at UofT

2012-2014 UTFA Librarians Cttee organized several small sub-committees to work on drafting and reviewing new policies.
2012-2014 Meetings, small SJAC discussions across three campuses where the need for modernizing 37-year old policies for librarians was raised with librarians and faculty.
2014 UTFA AGM Report, written reference to needed policies for librarians published for the community. see
2014-2015 SJAC process approved
Spring 2015 AGM Report (discusses need for new policies) to all faculty and librarians. Published notice on policy issues. see UTFA-AGM2015Newsletter
Oct. 21, 2015 Town Hall for UTFA librarians, St. George campus, discussion about need for new policies.
Nov. 3, 2015 Town Hall for UTFA Librarians, St. George campus, discussion about need for new policies.
2014-2015 SJAC Issues (teaching stream, tenure changes and facilitator/Fact Finder process for negotiating) approved by UTFA and UT Governing Council.
Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016 OverDue Notices and Postcards about activities of UofT librarians goes out to community from UTFA membership committee
2016 February 24, Librarian Membership meeting held at Gerstein Library, St. George Campus with virtual connections to UTSC and UTM.

UTFA Appointments Committee passes a motion in support of a new policy for librarians. Motion C.

ACALP group is formed and meetings commence.

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