Annual Activity Reports & Workload Planning

There are two documents which will help librarians at UofT to plan their workload for the coming year. The first, negotiated policy is referred to as the WLPP (Workload Policy and Procedures) which applies to librarians, faculty and teaching stream. The second, is what we call the individual unit workload, the Library Workload Policy. The latter is collegially determined or discussed at least every 3 years as per the WLPP in a workload review committee. Our current Library Workload Policy notes that at the time of the annual review, workloads (professional practice, service and scholarship) are planned and discussed for the coming year. UofT Librarians have an option of 80-90% professional practice, 10-20% a combination of service and scholarship (as defined for librarians). The emphasis is on a collegial process – supervisors must reach a collegial agreement that works for both the Library and for the individual. The workload goals should be incorporated into your projections for the coming year. And if for some reason, mid-way through the coming year, you believe that reaching those goals will not be possible – request a meeting with your supervisor to review the situation.

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