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Annual Activity Reports & Workload Planning

There are two documents which will help librarians at UofT to plan their workload for the coming year. The first, negotiated policy is referred to as the WLPP (Workload Policy and Procedures) which applies to librarians, faculty and teaching stream. … Continue reading

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University of St. Michael’s Collective Agreement – A Good Resource for UofT Librarians

Please see the University of St. Michael’s collective agreements, 2012-2014,St. Michael’s College  . A new agreement has been negotiated but updates are not yet ready for release. This is a good resource to examine if you are interested in seeing … Continue reading

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What Policies Govern UTFA Librarian Members?

Memorandum of Agreement (MoA): provides ACADEMIC FREEDOM protection; includes information on research and study leaves; outlines some of the librarians responsibilities and rights. This document stipulates how UTFA negotiates with UofT on behave of faculty and librarians. This document is … Continue reading

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Modernizing the Appointment and Promotion Policies for UofT Librarians – What has changed?

UTFA Librarians Committee and the ACALP group are working to modernize appointment and promotion policies for academic librarians at the University of Toronto. Thank you for responding to our last survey (Survey I) – it was most successful. We have … Continue reading

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November Mourns: November 12 and 13, 2015.

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What does the phrase ‘academic tenure’ mean?

According to the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) tenure means: “Tenure constitutes the primary procedural safeguard of academic freedom, and is essential for the maintenance of intellectual liberty and high standards in postsecondary education and in scholarship. It is … Continue reading

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University of Saskatchewan & Academic Freedom

For recent developments over the dismissal of Prof. Robert Buckingham due to his open criticism of proposed changes in the TransformUS plan, see the termination of the president, Dr. Ilene Busch-Vishniac, . We need to think about what constitutes … Continue reading

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