CAUT Equity Report – “The Persistent Gap: Understanding Male-Female Salary Differentials Amongst Canadian Academic Staff”

CAUT Librarian Salary Survey 2006 to 2008, Part I

CAUT Librarian Salary Survey 2006 to 2008, Part II

President Robert Hackett, SFU Faculty Association, “Faculty Unionization: What Difference Does It Make?”

UTFA Bargaining Report 8, Nov-09-2010

PTR/Merit Assessment and Salary Increase Instructions for 2009-10

Final Teplitsky Award 2009-10-11 with Workload Provisions

10 Annual Research Days Awarded as of 2007-2009

Academic Librarianship

Article: Transforming Roles for Academic Librarians: Leading and Participating in New Partnerships – Johnson 2010

Article: Half Empty or Half Full? Staffing Trends in Academic Libraries at U.S. Research Universities, 2000–2008 – Stewart 2010

Article: Seeking Full Citizenship: A Defense of Tenure Faculty Status for Librarians – Coker, vanDuinkerken and Bales 2010

Report: The Value of Academic Libraries: A Comprehensive Research Review and Report – ACRL 2010

Article: Promoting Academic Librarianship – Farnum and Cameron 2007

Article: Finding Time for Scholarship: A Survey  of Canadian Research University Librarians – Fox 2007

PTR – Progress Through the Ranks

Samual Culbert, Get Rid of the Performance Review: How Companies Can Stop Intimidating, Start Managing — and Focus on What Really Matters. New York: Business Plan, 2010.

NY Times article:

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