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“University Inc Compromises Academic Freedom” CAUT, 69:2 Nov. 2015

The recent article in CAUT Bulletin on the consequences of introducing corporate structures and managerial models into post-secondary institutions, the corporatization of universities, is worthy of a close read.  The article notes the threats to academic freedom, citing recent scandals … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky “On Academic Labor” Excerpts from Skype Conversation Feb. 4, 2014.

Full article available on Noam Chomsky, “On Academic Labor” URL: Access: March 3, 2014. The following excerpts are from  an edited transcript of remarks given by Noam Chomsky via Skype on 4 February 2014 to a gathering of members … Continue reading

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Collaboration Between Donors and Institutes of Higher Learning and Research: “On What Terms?”

CAUT has published a report, Open for Business: On What Terms? (November 2013) that has investigated the relationship between 12 collaborators and Canadian universities, the University of Toronto, being one of them (Munk School of Global Affairs and others). open-for-business-(nov-2013)

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OCUFA Paper Commissioned on University Governance

Interesting discussion about the bi-cameral systems and recommendations for future structures and renewals. A relevant paper when trying to understand the uni-cameral system at the University of Toronto, see: University Governance Reviewed and Renewed.

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“The Annoyed Librarian” and McMaster University Library

The “Annoyed Librarian” makes some bold statements about Jeff Trzeciak’s recent comments about how the McMaster University Library will not be hiring academic librarians in the future. Most of us probably would not agree with many of the comments on … Continue reading

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Azar Nafisi (author of READING LOLITA IN TEHRAN) at the University of Toronto – Come Join Us!

Global Humanities Poster On April 29, 5-7 pm, renowned author, Azar Nafisi of Reading Lolita in Tehran will partake in an open public discussion on “Global Humanities for the 21st Century”. This is a follow-up to our community’s concerns about … Continue reading

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Chomsky and UT

F. Y. I.

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