Is anyone asking “What are our professional associations doing about threats to librarianship?”

We have recently seen ALA step up and support the threats to librarianship in the US (see earlier blog and ALA letter). Yesterday at UTFA Council, Kent Weaver reminded Council members, that a non-librarian is currently leading Canada’s national repository or what used to be our national repository, and the consequences of having non-librarians in librarian positions. Basically, we are gradually, slowly, silently, losing our national heritage. Faculty and librarians need to be more pro-active and understand that the slow, creeping demise of our profession will have long-term consequences. What are our professional organizations doing about the Ottawa situation, the LAC crisis (Library and Archives Canada)? We all recognize that what we have seen happening at McMaster in the last two years is a microcosm of what is happening at all our post-secondary universities – that is why the actions by senior administrators at McMaster University in the last two years has triggered such an outcry from professionals across Canada and the United States.

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